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All-Island Wind and Fuel Mix Report

All-Island Wind and Fuel Mix Report

The All-Island Wind and Fuel Mix Report is a report produced by the Operations Department of EirGrid and SONI. The report provides key operational statistics on wind generation and generation fuel mix for the Ireland and Northern Ireland Power System. The report is compiled on a monthly basis and will be published each month.

Included in the report are key system metrics such as maximum system demand, wind capacity factors, maximum wind penetration and System Non-Synchronous Penetration (SNSP) for the EirGrid, SONI and All-Island systems.  (SNSP is a measure of the amount of non-synchronous generation on the system, e.g. Wind Generation and HVDC imports.)  In addition to this data are graphical representations of the monthly wind generation and wind forecast, a daily average wind penetration plot and generation fuel mix time-series. 






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