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The deployment of renewable energy sources  in the electricity sector has been steadily increasing. Ireland and Northern Ireland are committed to increasing the level of renewable electricity on the power system to 40% by 2020.

The EirGrid Group is leading this change and is working with all industry stakeholders to meet these challenging renewable electricity targets. The combination of the All Island Grid studies and EirGrid’s Grid 25 strategy form the basis of on-going infrastructural work. To manage the operational element of our work, however, EirGrid and SONI have established a programme of work entitled "Delivering a Secure Sustainable Electricity System" (DS3). This work programme includes enhancing the portfolio performance, developing new operational policies and system tools to efficiently use the plant portfolio to the best of its capabilities.

The EirGrid Annual Renewable Report 2013‌ provides an overview of our role in this area. If you have any specific queries on this report or on the DS3 Programme please email the DS3 team at: