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Electricity Suppliers

The Electricity Regulation Act, 1999, began the market liberalisation process in Ireland.  Gradual electricity market liberalisation resulted in full market opening in February 2005.  This page details the prerequisites required in order to become a supplier, licensed by the Commission for Energy Regulation, and operate in the electricity retail market.

Becoming an Electricity Supplier

To become a supplier in Ireland you need to:

  • Obtain a licence to supply - electricity suppliers in Ireland are required to obtain a "Licence to Supply Electricity" under Section 14 of the Electricity Regulation Act, 1999. The Commission for Energy Regulation (CER) administers this process.
  • Obtain access to the transmission system – This process is managed and administered by EirGrid as Transmission System Operator.  Access to the Transmission System involves meeting the terms of and executing a Generic Transmission Use Of System Agreement .To initiate this process please contact our Customer Relations┬áTeam at +353 1 702 6642.
  • Obtain access, as required, to the distribution system- this involves meeting the terms of and executing a Distribution Use of System (DUoS) Agreement.  For information on accessing the distribution system, contact ESB Networks Customer Service at +353 1 850 372 372 or refer to the ESB Networks website.

Become a Party to the Trading and Settlement Code

With the establishment of the Single Electricity Market in November 2007, the Single Electricity Market Operator (SEMO - a joint venture between EirGrid and SONI) is now the body with responsibility to operating the market.  All electricity suppliers must be parties to the Trading and Settlement code through party and unit registration with SEMO. 

Contact SEMO for further details:

Tel ROI:      1800 778 111
Tel NI:        08000 778 111


Use of System Charges

Suppliers with demand customers connected to the transmission system are subject to Transmission Use of System (TUoS) charges. Suppliers with demand customers connected to the distribution system are similarly subject to Transmission Use of System charges in addition to Distribution Use of System (DUoS) charges.

Please refer to the Transmission Use of System Charges page for further information on the above and links to the current version of the Statement of Charges document.

Suppliers, under the terms of the TUoS Agreement are required to provide security cover for a total of three months of TUoS charges per customer. Suppliers will also need to maintain separate security cover for each of the DUoS agreements and the Trading and Settlement Code.Suppliers may also wish to work together with their customers to aggregate load and avail of payments for providing Interruptible Load Service and the Winter Peak Demand Reduction Scheme (WPDRS). Further information on these schemes can be found under the Ancillary Services & Other System Charges section of this website.

Should you have difficulty opening any of the links on this page or should you require further information or assistance please contact our Customer Relations Team (+353 1 7026642)

Grid Code

Suppliers who have signed a Use of System Agreement are required to comply with the Grid Code. The Grid Code is a technical framework document approved by the CER, which establishes standards by which the TSO and parties connected to the transmission system will meet in order to provide a safe, secure and reliable grid system.

Specifically, the following sections of the code apply to Suppliers:

  • OC1 - Demand Forecasts
  • OC3 - Interconnector Management
  • OC5 - Demand Control
  • OC10 - Monitoring, Testing and Investigation
  • SDC1 - Scheduling and Dispatch Code  

Please refer to the Grid Code page for further information and to access the Grid Code.

Meter Registration System Operator

Meter Registration System Operator (MRSO) is a "ring-fenced" function within ESB Networks responsible for the Change of Supplier process and the processing/aggregation of meter data required to support Trading & Settlement in the competitive electricity market.  The MRSO contact details can be found on their website (